Rhino inside Revit - Direct Shapes geometry is empty

Hi there,
Fairly new to rhino inside revit and grasshopper.
i am trying to push rhino geometry into revit and am stuck with the direct shapes node giving me this error

  1. DirectShape geometry is empty.
    is anyone able to give me some direction on a fix?

The orange wires indicate they are empty. Check that you indeed have objects on 4_Roof and hit the update button or right click and change it to auto update.

yes i do have objects assigned to the layer

If you input a Value List into Elefront components they will auto-populate, perhaps there is a misspelling?

no miss spelling, even with the value list it still comes up with geometry is empty

Hard to help from an image in this case.

apologies, here is the GH file
Direct Shapes Issue.gh (19.3 KB)

If you can also upload a rhino file with sample geometry on that 4_Roof layer so we can have a look