Rhino Inside Revit - Rhino creates new geometry in Revit after reopening the file


I have created a geometry in Rhino which i imported in my Revit file by using the Grasshopper component Add Geometry DirectShape. It worked good and as i was modifying the geometry in Rhino, it was updated in Revit and the modification followed.

But after closing my files and Revit and after reopening them, the connection between the geometry imported in Revit and the geometry in Rhino seems lost. Instead of updating the geometry in Revit when I change it in Rhino, it creates a new one. After multiple tries, i don’t seem to find a way to make it work.

I am pretty new to Rhino Inside Revit and maybe i missed something but is there a way to keep the connexion between the Rhino and the Revit geometry even after closing the files?

Tanks in advance

This is true at this point in time. Once Revit is closed and then re-opened, the previous objects need to be deleted.

The solution is going to be Element binding, which we are currently working on. In that case, the elements will remember which elements Grasshopper created.

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Thank you very much for your quick answer

My main problem in this process is the annotations of the object. If i understand it right, currently you can’t keep the annotations that you put in Revit on an element that you imported from Rhino, because you have to delete the element at some point to be able to recreate the connection with Rhino and be able to modify the object through Rhino again?

Or is there a workaround for that problem?

Any idea on timescales of when the element binding will be introduced?

Very very soon. Scott and I are testing it out right now. It works great so far :smiley:


@eirannejad Can I know if the release will come out this week? I’m trying to decide when to update our company-wide RiR installation, and we might hold on updating the version if the release of the element binding is soon.

It is coming soon. I can not promise an exact date, but very soon. Keep in mind that Element Tracking changes the way Grasshopper works in Revit compared to what it is right now so we will be publishing a Release Candidate first for you all to try and modify your scripts if need be


Hello @eirannejad,

I don’t want to be a nag, but do you know if it’ll be a few more weeks or months before Element Tracking will become part of RiR? This will be HUGE!


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It should be a matter of weeks. :crossed_fingers:


No nagging taken :wink:

Element Tracking is available for testing: Rhino.Inside.Revit - 1.0 Release Candidate Available

It’s out!

Nice work, and thank you.