Revit to Rhino using RhinoInside

(Craigp) #1

Hello there,

At first thank you so much for creating this wonderful addons in GH dev team.

Is it possible to bring changes back from Revit to Rhino. For example created wall in Revit using RhinoInside tool CreateWall and selected Line in Rhino to build wall inside revit. If i change wall in Revit will the Rhino Line gets updated? Do you have any nodes for that?

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(Kike Garcia) #2


Well, no so direct, but you can connect any Revit curve like element to a curve parameter in Grasshopper, it will be updated every time you move the Revit element.
Latter you can Bake it when you want it into the Rhino model.


Does it help?

(Craigp) #3

Hi @kike

Thank you so much Sir! This is exactly what i was looking to do. I will try and post back soon. That “P” node is Element.Geometry node?

And also when we update Line in Rhino it Deletes old and Create new Element inside Revit rather than updating existing element with the same id. Do you have any nodes to update existing ones without deleting.


(Kike Garcia) #4

You are welcome.

Well, in reality, you have both, Preview and Geometry.

Preview extracts meshes, basic materials, and wires from Revit elements. Just for display or analysis.
The second one converts Revit element geometry to Rhino geometry. Right now extracts breps when Revit geometry is just planar faces. I’m still working in to make it work with curvy surfaces as well.

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(Craigp) #5

Thanks that makes sense to me now.

Is it possible to update existing elements without deleting them and creating new?

(Kike Garcia) #6

No, right now there is no component that works that way, just to keep the code “simple”.
I’m sure it has all the sense updating instead of recreating all the time.
Could you please explain to me a bit more in detail what problems is causing in your case the way it works now. Thanks.

(Craigp) #7

If you select One Curve in Rhino and CreateWall in Revit, assign value to that wall parameter “Comments” as “Test” and then if you modify Curve in Rhino it Recreates New Wall Element inside revit you will see that Value “Test” is gone. Hope i explained well. Once again thanks for looking into this :slight_smile:

(Kike Garcia) #8


I pushed a change into the repo that should fix the case you are describing.

In any case, I agree with you that should be nodes that update elements.
The first one that comes into my mind is the Element.ParameterSet, in this case, is obvious that should update without recreating the element.

Anyway thanks for pointing out this case.

(Craigp) #9

Thank you Sir! Does Element.SetParameter coming soon?

(Kike Garcia) #10

You can test it compiling the “revit/wip” branch from here


Please have you got à gha for test this ! It’s wonderful plugin

(Kike Garcia) #12

We are currently working on an installer.
As soon as is available I will post it here.

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Thanks, I can’t wait!