Rhino.Inside - is there a way to break the connection between a create type component and the result when changing the inputs?


I was hoping I am missing out on something very obvious here. When creating geometry in Revit using any of the (light) blue components, Rhino.Inside will retain connecting to the resulting geometry in Revit. So, upon input change, the geometry will ‘update’ on the Revit side. That’s by design and I get it.

However, more often than not I want to be able to reuse the graph change the inputs as I go, and create many different geometries ‘reusing’ the graph sort to speak. At the moment I am forced to disable>copy>delete the creation component before changing the input value so I don’t lose the previous geometry. I apologize for the long-winded explanation.

Any ideas of how that can be achieved in a more-elegant fashion? Thank you in advance.

the “Element Binding” feature that we are working on is going so solve this issue. Work in progress :smiley:

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Aright, yes, cool! So you have identified this as something that could be improved, which is great! Thank you kindly, Sir!

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