Rhino Inside and BIMTrack

Hi All

I just wanted to add a post to the discussion regarding Rhino Inside Revit failing to obtain a license, even though Rhino 7 app launches without a problem. The solution I found to this issue follows.

license manager

After a fair amount of time troubleshooting with disabling Add ins, disabling Ironpython in Rhino 7, and making sure I had no redundant WIP installs left on my machine, I was all about ready to reinstall Revit (2020) and start over. But before I did that I recalled I had recently installed BIMTrack (this app does not have an .addin and .dll in the Addins folders). I removed this app and voila!

Once uninstalled, Rhino Inside launched without issue. Thought I’d share this with the community in case anyone else is having this issue.


Thanks for sharing.

We will need to work with BIMTrack to solve this.


There is a new release (v0.8) at ‘Daily Channel’ that hope to fix this problem.
May you confirm us it is fixed on your side?