Rhino inside revit for Rhino 8 WIP

Hi all. I wanted to know , Is it possible to run Rhinoinside Revit for Rhino 8 Wip version?

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Rhino.Inside isn’t available in the WIP yet, it will be before too long though. The .NET change is the minor holdup.

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What is the current estimate (if there’s any)? Is it months? Half a year? Longer?
Sorry for asking again. :sweat_smile:

More like days to weeks. We have an internal build working.


The latest RiR Daily Build installer will work, but note that there still a few issues getting cleaned up. The primary one is a ccycles.dll conflict with Revit which prevent the dll from loading in Rhino inside Revits memory space. This will result in a cycles plugin error in Rhino when opening inside Revit.

You be asked to choose which version to load.

This error will appear every time (regardless of checking never load)

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Allright! This is great news overall. Where do we get to see the heads-up as to when these sorts of issues are ironed out? Will that be in the WIP release notes or is there some other place to subscribe to?

There will be a forum post as well as news letter from Scott or Bob going out eventually.

This will be after Rhino 8.Inside.Revit is in the Stable release.

Hi Japhy where can I find a download link to the RIR daily build version?

Hi Lmnoc1,

You can find this in the Options dialog

Has this been released yet?

Yes, 1.18.x is the current Build

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