Revit 2018.3 - Rhino.Inside Error

Hi everyone,

I have Revit 2018 installed in my machine. I believe RIR got Revit 2018.3 support with latest updates. When I start Rhino inside Revit, I get the following warnings:

  • First Warning

  • Second Warning

Eventhough it gives these warnings, After I close them all and click “Start” button again, RIR works just fine? I believe this should be some sort of conflict, so maybe the team should look into it.

Do you have BIMTrack or VRay for Revit installed? This is possibly a dll conflict issue. I tested RIR on latest 2018.3.3 and it runs okay. This conflict is faily new and caused a lot of load failures

No, I don’t have BIMTrack or VRay for Revit installed But I have some other addons installed.

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Okay we have this guide as well to help isolate conflicting addons

Hi @mucahitbgoker,

There is a new release (v0.8) at ‘Daily Channel’ that hope to fix this problem.
May you confirm us it is fixed on your side?


hi @kike,
I have installed the daily build and the problem still exists.