Initialization from License Manager. Error 200

Hello All.
I have been working for several weeks with Rhino Inside and Revit 2021.
Since the last update from Rhino Inside and Rhino I get the error 200.
I´m running a user experiment for my PhD Thesis and need our softwares to run flawlessly as before ASAP I´d appreciate the help!

I expect that if the Rhino 7 is updated to the most recent version, and Rhino.Inside.Revit is updated to the latest version, then it will run again.

Make sure to install from new downloads from both those locations.

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Thanks @scottd I did as suggested and worked. It seems I hadn´t restarted after a first update and that had messed everything.

Yes, it also seems that starting Rhino by itself outside of Revit sometimes helps too.

I am glad you are up and running.