Rhino ignoring first keypress of typed content on mac

Hi all

tried searching for this one but haven’t found anyone else experiencing this bug/strange behaviour.

I’m used to the old AutoCAD way of being able to type commands, but in the recent builds of rhino (post the beta) it ignores the first keypress for some reason.

For example, typing “booleanunion”, I’ll get ooleanunion in the command bar. phere rather than “sphere” etc.

I’ve taken to double typing the first letter to get things to work properly, but it’s annoying, particularly when working with coordinates (typing “@@0,4” isn’t particularly great. and sometimes things will be orders of magnitude out because my intended diameter of 25 actually turned into just 5…)

Any ideas, or anyone else experiencing this one?

This has been reported in several threads recently, for users of romanji keyboards.

The solution should be in the following thread: