Having to type the first letter of each command twice

Hi, I’ve been working on macs for work, but recently bought my own MBP and installed the newest version, which I’ve never used before.

When typing commands, previously, I could just type “c i r c l e” and rhino would do its magic. Now when I do that, it enters the command “ircle” because the first ‘c’ activates the command line, so now I end up having to use “c c i r c l e”. I looked all over the settings and preferences but couldn’t find how to fix this.

Has anyone else experienced this?


(also, off topic, anyone know what the new command for 4view is? Would like to bind that to a hotkey but I can’t find it)

I have seen this happen before with users with their OS X preferred language set to Japanese using Romaji keyboards (see: MR-1890). This is a bug with OS X. What is your keyboard set to? What is your language (the Mac OS preferred language)? What version of OS X are you on?

4View has not been added to Rhino for Mac yet. Please check out this list.

You’re right, I’m using Romaji (preferred language is english). I guess my only option is to install a second US keyboard? I’m using OSX 10.10.1

Is there a temporary work-around for this?

Please check out this reply. Does that help?

Is there a temporary work-around for this?

I presume you mean a work-around better than clicking the little button up near the viewport label…

…considering you want a hotkey. I think we just need to get this command working sooner rather than later.

_MaxViewport acts as a toggle between 4views and single viewport… opt-cmmd-M is the default shortcut.

that said, i’m not entirely sure what the 4view command is supposed to do so i don’t know if this is the same thing.

Thanks, this is a workaround I can use but it would be nice if this is resolved in the future so I don’t have to install a second keyboard just to use rhino.

Thanks! This solves it. 4view was the same thing but without a toggle so this is even better :blush:

Well, in Windows Rhino, you can have 1, 2, 3, 4 or more viewports in any size combination. You can change the sizes by dragging the viewport borders or entering pixel dimensions.

4View simply resets any custom viewport config back to the 4 standard views at the standard size; running it twice in succession also resets all 4 viewports to default, including projections, camera, CPlane etc.

It’s quite useful in a number of cases and I’m sure it will find it’s way into Mac Rhino once the viewport layout becomes more configurable.


hope so… that reset bit seems useful.