Rhino IFC Export Geometry Incorrect

I just downloaded the trial version in hopes of solving my long standing problem of getting Rhino (7) geometry into IFC format. I am not well versed in the IFC capabilities so please forgive my ignorance if I am missing something obviously.

I have a series of polysurfaces of relatively low complexity, when I export (and open the IFC in navisworks) the geometry is either fragmented or missing.

IFC Test.3dm (12.5 MB)

These Rhino objects represent custom structural connections but the metadata is unimportant. I just need the geometry in IFC format so it can be visualized in other software.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated

What is the name of the software, for which you’d like to transfer geometry?

Hi @Dave11 I’ve exported your file to IFC and opened it in Solibri and I can see the same geometry in Rhino as in Solibri. Which piece of software are you using to open your IFC file?
If you are not worried about the metadata, you can try to export the model as “geometry only”, just in case you get better results:

I can also see there’s a “box” at the origin of coordinates in your document, far away from the rest of the geometry. Delete it if you don’t need to export that.

Sorry it was not allowing me upload the IFC file but I think i found the issue.

My model is very very far from the world origin. I know many software have issues when the geometry is that far away.

I will move it closer and see how that works.

Thanks for the responses