IFC exports too large

I have been using VisualARQ to export IFC files from Rhino 5. Some of my models export close to 100kb while others that are very very similar in geometry can export as large as 8MB. I use the same export settings between both but I’m not sure why this is occurring. Is there anything I can do to my model/export to make sure it is the smallest IFC file size possible? Would anyone happen to know why this might be occurring?

Thanks in advance!

@madmax95 can you send us (visualarq@asuni.com) the two .3dm files that are being exported different in size ? That way we can figure out the reason of this size change. Despite some models might look similar, depending on their complexity or if you are using extrusions or polysurfaces they can become very different in size.
(Remember that you can also export models to .ifcZIP)