Global Coordinates Export

Iam modeling a bridge in local coordinates and then i remap it to global coordinates(Using Global_Origo Cplane) and then Export it as IFC using visualarq. Any reasons why the geometries got destructed and bad quality? I noticed also that the IFC Creates far away boxes which are not in the rhino file. Iam using Rhino 7.

Geometries in Rhino:

IFC File:

Rhino File (Zipped) (12.8 MB)

Was wondering if solution is related to some changes in Rhino settings

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Hi @MomoJawad,

I have been testing the IFC exporter with your file and it looks like it is working fine to me:

Do you have any other IFC exporter installed in Rhino? Please, make sure you are using the VisualARQ IFC exporter.

How are you exporting to IFC? File>export selected?

This is the IFC file I got from your Rhino file, which it looks like is exporting fine to IFC: (4.1 MB)

Yes i have only Visualarq loaded into Rhino as IFC exporter. And yes iam using export selected. Strange that it is not working. Is there any possibility to have direct call through Teams for example.

Hi @MomoJawad,

Sure. I’ll write you a PM to set up a meeting.