VisualArq IFC tolerance and mesh to nurbs?

Hi guys, I have a few meshes I need to export as IFC and when I read the file back in I get this horrible tolerance:

The file is in METERS and I used the default VisualArq meter template with 0.001 units tolerance (which is enough and far less than the showed gaps)
The objects are also located close to W0,0,0.

And about half of the meshes are converted to nurbs too… what is causing that?

Are the mesh remote from the model origin? Then it’s likely a single point precision issue.
If so and VisualArq has a basepoint implementation, try achieving the desired location that way.

Feel free to try the Geometry Gym IFC exporter for Rhino too, mine should give tight results even for remote mesh.



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Nope :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I found no link to an IFC exporter on

Try the ggRhinoIFC plugin. Also refer to

You’ll be prompted to run the license command and to email me, and I’ll reply with some details about how to configure the rhino export (most of the emphasis on my work has been on Grasshopper for authoring).

Let me know if you have problems with that.



Thanks, I’ll give it a go when I have time.

I would also like to know what’s wrong with the IFC file that VisualArq generated / imported though.

Hi @Holo,
Can you send us this model to so we can check it out and see how to improve the way it exports/imports through IFC?

Hey, I sent the file to you on a private message, did you get it and did you find out what’s wrong?
It works OK when we import it to another software, but objects on BLACK layers (default Rhino) show up as black objects (impossible to read form) so I suggest you consider changing those to light gray on export.

Hi Holo,

Yes, we have received your file, and we’ll look at it as soon as possible. We’ll let you know what is the issue and if we can fix it for the next VisualARQ release.

Regarding the object colors, I understand your suggestion, but we cannot do that, as we should respect the colors on the document. Imagine that the user import a IFC file that has some objects in black color. When we export the same document again to IFC, the object should still be black.

Probably the best option is to add a export option to automatically change “black” colors to another color (and allow the user to specify the custom color).



Thanks for the feedback.

Or have the option to use the render color instead of the object color, unless Objectcolor is the industry standard for ifc :slight_smile:

Hey guys, longe time no hear… So, how is the importer going?
It would be good to be able to export and evaluate the result :slight_smile:

@holo, excuse the late reply on this issue. We are still reviewing it. I’ll get back to you soon with news.

@Holo Good news, we have just released VisualARQ 2.4 that fixes this tolerance issue when importing that ifc file: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.4 released

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Great, well done!