Rhino freezes when printing


I don´t know why my file doesn´t respond when I try to print. It´s rare because it´s a small file (24 mb) and I been using it since last 2 months, and this never happened. I´m using it to draft plans, and there´snt more than curves, hatches and a few blocks.

Any help would be grateful, thanks!


The weirdest thing, its that the site plan that its on top of the file just came out perfectly. And its the most heavy drawing of all of them, but the floor plans that are much lighter, they make rhino freeze

Hi Ignacio -

There is a lot to weed through in that file…
I see that if you set the opacity of the PLANTAS VALEN::Plantitas::Pasto layer back to 255 instead of 100, the one frame that I have looked at prints in under a second instead of several minutes.
I’ve put that issue on the list as RH-75347 File IO: Print to PDF slow - transparent hatch

Apart from that, you are running a cracked copy of Rhino 7.1 where Rhino 7 now is at SR 30…