Autosave/backup Windows vs. Mac

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I just started using Rhino 7 on Windows after many years on Mac. On Mac my files were always recovered without loss from the backup file after a crash. On Windows however the backup (.bak) doesn’t seem to update as often or seamlessly as it does on Mac. The autosave file is updating every 15min which is not quite enough. I can set it to every 5min for example but before doing this what is the general advice and why does it seem to be different strategies regarding this between the windows and mac version?

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Autosave for Rhino on Windows is considered as an EMERGENCY save in case of a crash.

Do NOT rely on it to save your file normally. That you do with the little Save button or Ctrl+S…

Hi Helvetosaur,

Ok, I see. I will just have to get into the habit again :slight_smile: Otherwise I have been feeling really relaxed and comfortable with how the backup works on Mac and was curious about the reasons for the difference.


On Mac, version control is used which is part of macOS. This allows for the File menu > Revert to option as well. So the difference is due to the OS and how backups are saved. I’m glad to hear that the Mac versioning system was working well for you. On Windows you may also be interested in using File menu > Incremental Save too. This will provide you with known fallback points as a new file saved in the same location.

Hi Brian,
Thanks for your reply. The incramental save seems to be a simplyfied way to make a “save as” if I am not wrong? This is helpful. I have another question for you, the touchpad works a dream in Mac, is the same functionality possible on Windows?

Yes, you can even add it to the “Idle processor” so it will incrementally save automatically… Beware that unlike Versions, every time you incremental save on Windows, it saves a full copy of the file, not just the changes from the last save. So it can quickly create lots of volume on your disk. Plus it might be slow with large files.

Do you mean running Windows on the same Mac via a bootcamp partition and trying to model with the trackpad? If so, I don’t think it will all work the same. The macOS version as well as the Windows version are variables too as there will be driver conversion. Personally, I model with a stylus and Wacom tablets.

Its a laptop PC, not boot camp. I have developed a habit of using the touchpad now and then when not at the desk. The less good functionality on the PC however makes me carry the mouse with me. This is not a big deal but it would be nice if it was possible somehow to improve the touchpad in the settings? Thanks!

Thank you, I will bear that in mind :slight_smile:

I see, I misunderstood since we were talking about Macs. I think the abilities/performance of the trackpad on any PC will need to come from the manufacturer of it as well as what Windows supports for gestures etc. It might be that the sensitivity of the hardware is also just not as good as your Mac.