Running Rhino in Crossover under Linux

As sad as it may be, Rhino does not run under Linux very well. I know there have been several attempts for running it under wine but with little success, but CrossOver, which is the supported payfor wine-alike application, has had some success running Rhino under Linux, but it crashes a lot still.

To be honest, I will never buy Rhino as long as it does not support Linux. It won’t happen since I run 100% on Linux. But I would be willing to pay for it if Rhino could support developers of Crossover or wine to help them solve the issues that is known and may be found in the future…

I therefor hereby ask “how interesting would it be for McNeel developers to help the CrossOver/Wine teams to solve the issues with loading Rhino”? McNeel may still sell their software with the clausule that there are no support for Linux/Crossover issues but it would open up for a new marked. This would be a simple test to see if there actually would be a real marked for a cross platform variant of Rhino in the future (Which I believe there is).

So tell me, McNeel, do you want some new customers?

There aren’t enough potential paying customers of a Linux version to cover the costs of development.

And what is the breaking number for this to happen? You apparently need to have a real number since you can state this so clear. I am just curious, not trying to be rude here.

Crossover also aids developers to help them kinda port their code so that it will run under crossover. This will not require McNeel to redesign their complete sw package, but to simply add whats needed to make it run more fluently on other platforms. Do not miss the Video!
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I don’t know the specific number. Bob did a market analysis and it was no where near close. Actually, the numbers for an OSX version didn’t look profitable either, but it was about break even. Clearly, the number of potential Mac Rhino sales is orders of magnitude larger than Linux.
The biggest issue is programming talent. Math PhDs with Windows programing skills exist and while hard to find, can be hired. We can’t find any math PhDs with Apple programming skills. That was a huge development barrier for us.

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I made an update to my previous post, but i guess you just missed it since I posted before I saw your update. So take a look above.

I understand the need for heavy skilled developers but find it a bit hard to believe there are to few skilled developers for Linux. Especially since most heavy scientific machinery usually runs on Linux, both for stability and for its usability.
I think the issue with to few users are an artificial barrier created by ignorance and the miss belief that Linux is hard to learn. But that’s off course not your fault.

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