Rhino file size still huge after deleting pictures and materials


I have read through this thread: How to remove packed pictures from file - #5 by YNBA but it seems to assume that when a picture is deleted, it is still stored as a material.

I have a file where I brought in several PNG’s and JPG’s as pictures. I deleted all but one of them. When I delete them, their associated Materials are deleted as well. Yet upon saving, Rhino says it is “Packing support files” and it lists all my deleted PNG’s. It seems like it held on to them in case I wanted to undo my Delete action.

Now, when I open the saved 3dm file, I have no way of purging or eliminating these PNG and JPG files to reduce the file size. I have looked at Audit and Audit3dmFile and the old PNG’s and JPG’s are nowhere to be found.

Here you can see all the testing I did:

When I save with the no textures box unchecked, none of the PNG’s or JPG’s are baked into the file size. For my _Site.3dm file, I am only using the _group1.png file. Therefore, I expect my total file size to be 2,594,248 KB + 439,471 KB = 3,033,719 KB. Yet, you can see the old PNG’s and JPG’s are retained for a file size of 3,472,410 KB.

I have another project where this is a really big issue with my file size at 8 GB, so I would like to figure out how to slim it down.

Thank you.

Hello- see if the Purge command helps here.


Oh wow, the Purge command actually DID work, I just don’t understand why. The only thing that got purged were 3 annotation styles:

and the file size came down:

I guess “Purge” isn’t reporting everything it is doing behind the scenes?