Picture tool pumps up file size

I love the pictrue tool in Rhino 6 for all that the awesome stuff it does and I appreciate that pics are embedded.

But… as they are ambeddedd they pump up the file size a lot and I do not find a way how to get rid of old pics - even if I delete them and do not use them anymore the file does not get smaller.

Is there a list of embedded files somewhere with a deleting option? Or can I switch off the embedding option?
I know that it would help not to insert 20 high res pics, but I sometimes I do and I do not find a way to get rid of yessterday´s lazyness…

Hello - try this - find the picture’s material, change its type to Custom, find the texture in the Color channel under textures, right click on the texture name and choose Remove.


Any luck?

@andy - is this the real way to do this?


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Hi Pascal
Ok, cool, that works, but is a bit tricky and I cannot grab the material when the pic is already deleated, so the data is stored in the background.

As I now understood that the pics are embedded as materials: I found out that I can delete unused materials with the Purge tool, but this also deletes my custom materials that I just do not need in this special project. So I cannot chose if I would like to keep some of those.

-> Can you make a Material manager for the next version similar to the existing block manager?
In my example I had a 3MB file that blew up to 17MB with the pics (and a colleague somehow managed to produce a 1,5GB file with 3D data of ca. 50MB…).

btw: I tried the purge trick with the famous 1,6GB file, but that did not solve the issue.
In this case it was a matter of using blocks (fot the hundreds of copies) and cleaning up old 3D stuff that is not needed anymore…