Rhino file size still large after deleting picture frames

I started with a Rhino file that was very simple-just a few lines, no surfaces created. I then used PictureFrame to insert 2 jpg files 12.9 MB and 32.6 -MB scans of old very faded blueprints. Rhino file size ballooned to 44.4 MB - and opening it became sluggish. I did not trace any lines or add any content to the file, and decided to try deleting both PictureFrame objects and reinserting after resizing the jpgs. However after deleting both images the file is still the same size 44.4 MB . Closed Rhino, reopened and the file is still the same size. No new jpgs inserted yet. I thought the file size should shrink back after deleting the images but apparently not. Is this normal?

Hi Abraham - if you are OK with removing all picture frame data that’s in the file as well as any background bitmaps, use TestPurgeBitmapTable Does that clean it up?


Thanks Pascal, file size is back down to 64 KB. Is this a known bug?