File size increasing despite of the purge

I want to prepare few Rhino files for somebody else to work on it. The aim is to insert a picture using PictureFrame in each of them and resize the picture to a correct scale. Nothing very difficult.
I opened a new file and inserted my picture once, resized it and saved this as a new 3dm file. Then, I deleted the picture and did the same thing with the second picture, resized and saved as a 2nd 3dm file. And I kept going for 7 times like this…
Every inserted picture is in JPEG format and weights around 8 Mo. I noticed that every new saved 3dm file is bigger than the previous one. 1st file : 4Mo, 2nd file : 8Mo, 3rd file : 12 Mo, … 7th file : 28Mo !
There is only 1 pictureFrame in each file, I deleted every single object in the file, I tried to purge the file and also ClearUndo to get rid of everything that could make the file heavier but it keeps being quite the same size.
Does anybody have an idea of what’s going on ?
Thanks for your help and advice.

Deleting the pictureframe does not (necessarily) delete the embedded bitmap stored in the file. So, you could try running the following test command and see if it fixes the problem:


(this is a test command and does not autocomplete)

HTH, --Mitch

Hi Mitch, I have a question. Will the type of command you suggested have to be typed each time , if a person stays in V5 ?
I guess in other words , do those test commands go on and develope into true commands in V6 ?thank you, Mark

Not guaranteed. Some test commands do become official ones, others do not. Depends on the need and how useful the command is. There are many test commands that are exactly that - just to test stuff, never intended to become real ones.


Hi Mitch,
Indeed, this command does the job.
Thank you