Problem Opening a Rhino File due to mesh creation

I can’t open this file anymore, today I imported some trees blocks from a sell-buy 3d model platform (such as Archive3D or TurboSquid) and I attributed materials to them (from rhino materials NO plug-ins ecc…), then saved the file and now when it opens rhino doesn’t respond (says “creating mesh” but I can’t do anything). Could someone help me solve this please? Thanks!

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try opening a blank file and the file>import your file

Already done doesn,t work neither, rhino still doesn’t respond

try rescue3dm command, if that fails your model may be lost.

Should I type that command on rhino? Sorry not so practic bout it…

yes, open a blank file, then type rescue3dm int he command line and hit enter. browse to your file and try to open it.

You might just launch Rhino in “Safe Mode”, open your file, run the “ClearAllMeshes” command, then save it. Close Rhino and re-open it in normal mode. Open your file…

– Dale

You know here should I go to put it in “safe mode”?

I opened the file in safe mode - it opens, but Rhino is very unhappy - have not found what is causing it yet, I am barely able to interact with Rhino.
There are six bad meshes - trying to delete these but it is very slow.


@pascal - after opening the model, I deleted all the meshes. Seems to be back to normal in normal mode.

– Dale

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@FILIPPO_ORLANDI_MANG - here you go.

Modello 3D (3.5 MB)

– Dale

I checked the file, and the culprit seems to be 90.000+ meshes (the leaves of the imported plants) that are grouped but not joined. When all those meshes are joined, the file is responsive. When dealing with things like plants, it’s vital to try and keep the number of meshes down - join all leaves with the same texture/mapping into a single mesh by starting the Join command and setting JoinDisjointMeshes to Yes. Now select your 15.000 grouped meshes and pres enter. That’ll give a single mesh which is much, much more easy to handle.
HTH, Jakob

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