Rhino export model to Revit

Hi all, I am trying to export a rhino model to revit. I wonder what is the easiest way to do that. What I want to get is a .ifc / .rvt model. I wonder why Rhino7 cannot export .ifc or .rvt file…
Can anyone guid me a direction to it? Thanks,

Rhino does not export 3D models with embedded BIM information. Therefore you can only export 3D geometry for use in BIM software. I suggest using IGES or STEP formats to keep the precise geometry intact. ArchiCAD can import native Rhino files, see if Revit can — that would be ideal.

To export BIM models directly from Rhino, use visualARQ plugin.

Thanks tomasT, I will try with IGES and STEP format.
I have tried to export the rhino model to revit via .sat, .dwg and .skp format this morning, but seems none of these works. Revit doesn’t any geometry at all…I am supprised .sat and .dwg doesn’t work. I guess I may have to simplify my model and make the model size smaller.

Hi Jack -
If you use both Rhino and Revit, you could try Rhino.Inside.Revit -

Apart from that, plug-ins such as VisualARQ and GeometryGym will export ifc files.

Thanks wim, we have try rhino inside revit as well. But it is not any easy way like exporting it as .sat? When u have a detailed model seems u have to define each geometries’ category/family?
I don’t need it to have information or editable in revit. I just need to view it in revit. So I would prefer a stable and easy way to do it.

Hi Jack -

I don’t have Revit but it sounds like a general file format like STEP should work for you then. You’ll have to ask AutoDesk why the .sat and .dwg files don’t work.

Revit files are proprietary, so that idea is out. IFC just takes geometry and data. The two plugins for IFC out of rhino are #visualarq and #geometrygym, both on Food4Rhino. They both can encode the IFC schema. Another idea would be to use Speckle. Also, #revit can read Rhino files directly. in 2022 of Revit those files can be linked. And there is a great plugin called Conveyer that can also handle the transfer.

Thanks Scottd, sounds great, I will try revit2022.