Rhino-Revit-Rhino-Revit file sharing

Hi! Im just looking for the best way for a smooth exchange files between Rhinoceros 5 and Revit . Ive tried to do that using visualarq as * .ifc file.
The result is that a relatively large rhino model exports and reads nicely in Revit. If I add something to the model in Revit and when I try to export to *.ifc - there is a problem - windows7 creshes.
There is option to export to *.rvt from Revit but I dont know what to do with it :confused:
Perhaps someone on this forum knew this problem, I would ask for advice. I dont know Revit at all, but Rhino very well.

I don’t use Revit but here’s a guide on the process that may help…

Windows 7 crashes or just Revit? Which version of revit are you using (best option is 2016 with opensource import/export plugin installed
I (Geometry Gym) also provide plugins for both Rhino/Revit to enable IFC exchange. http://www.geometrygym.com/downloads If you can share files (you can pm me) I can help advise as to the problem.

.rvt is a closed proprietary format. If CAD exchange is sufficient (the IFC file will include BIM attributes such as purpose, material and other attributes) then .dwg is an option (make sure you use the ACIS solids option in the revit export settings).



Thanks! I’ve used same method from this tutorial yesterday: http://www.bimtopia.com/index.php/item/transferring-models-rhino-to-revit-to-rhino and it works. *.sat files are much smaller than *.ifc. I recommend that :slight_smile:

First Revit 2016 than Windows 7 crashes :confused: I have to try your method. I used so far *.sat filetype method but as you said the IFC file will include BIM attributes…

I have noticed that when I try to import a revit model into rhino the fillets turn out to be full rings. Is there a cleaner way to bring a revit model to rhino. I’m using a dwg file format with acis solids.


I have also notice the same thing the rings occur on all the fillets when I import a solid format dwg from revit to rhino.

revit 2017.1 now has the ability to import .3dm files directly. Although I haven’t tested it out.