Rhino export file blank

Hi, When i try to export my drawing from rhino to illustrator the file created is shown as just a blank page and does not open in illustrator, Can someone please help me solve this problem? Thankyou

Hi Mati - most likely the geometry is too large or too far from the origin for Illustrator, which has quite limited extents - you may need to scale the objects, for example if they represent architectural scale objects in real units, and/or move them to the +XY quadrant of the Top Cplane


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Hi Pascal, Thankyou for your help! Moving the object to the +XY quadrant worked. Thankyou.

Do you happen to know why diagonal lines become jagged when exported to illustrator?

Hi Mati -

Which file format are you using? What does it look like when you round-trip it back into Rhino? Can you post a file?