Rhino Export (Odd lines)

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So, lately i´ve been working on Rhino and Autocad alternately, and since I´ve been figuring out some problems with the file exportation (PDF or even .dwg files).
As you can see on the uploaded images everything looks smooth and perfectly fine on Rhino, but soon as I export the file to PDF or .dwg (even with REGEN command) many lines look kinda shaky and not smooth at all as you can see. I can tell that for a distance, it kinda looks everythings fine, but when I zoom its not at all.

Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong? Is this normal?

Is it something related with the Rhino options/definitions?

Thank you.
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Hi there, your export scheme for the dwg is set on default? maybe you have activated an other export scheme.
go to export - options - edit export schemes, have a look at “rhino objects” vs “auto cad objects”, there should be written that rhino curves are converted to auto cad splines.

for the export to PDF you may export first to Adobe Illustrator and then sort, edit line type and position the curves there and finally export to PDF.

Thank you Julian :slight_smile:
I had this settings on the exportation, I have tryed some different schemes to find the right one but it seems that I´m having the same problem. Is it possible to be related with the curve tesselation parameters?

you could try the command “convert” on your problematic lines.
and then choose “arcs”, export again.

  • curve tessellation Parameters are ok.

you may try also the command “rebuild” on the prob. lines.
the convert command should work but you get tons of line segments.
maybe it is an import issue of auto cad.
give look at this: Save as .DWG - arcs become line segments and circles become octagons