Blank Page when exported Rhino drawing file into Illustrator

Hi everyone,

I have been very frustrated on why does my Rhino drawing file not appear at all in Illustrator. I exported the Rhino file as usual, and then opened it as an AI format in Illustrator. But there was nothing there, I tried to adjust the art board to see if I can catch the drawing but there was none. I tried and tried to export the file and open it again in AI to no avail. I am suspecting the reason that because I traced the object from a picture without making any measurements, and then changed the size of the object. But I believe that I have done that in the past and it still worked at that time? I’m very much confused and frustrated, as I no nothing about the cause of it. Just assumption after assumption. Please help. Thank you so much!

Hi Marc - you are most likely correct that the sizing (or position) is incorrect - make sure the object is in the +XY quadrant in Rhino (=page in AI) and not far from the origin. and maybe try the Preserve nodel scale setting, making sure the units are reasonable.