Exported Illustrator Files contain no paths

Can anyone tell me why this happens, and how to get this working? DWG works. But would take me time to import to Illustrator and export as AI files. Thanks a lot!!!

AI Outlines All.3dm (499.8 KB)

What is supposed to happen? What is it supposed to look like when it works?

// Rolf

Again, opening the exported file let’s say I export the first 2 objects and their bounding box as AI-file, opening in PS or AI won’t show up any paths - just an empty artboard.

@RIL It seems like the curves are kind of corrupted. So I exported them into the current document. If I want to paste one curve into another open Rhino session/blank document or create in that new Rhino session/document a circle and trying to cut and paste the circle into the previous document with the outlines (screenshot above) than this wont’ work. But if I have two blank Rhino files open and paste that circle this would work.
If I see the controlpoints it’s all looking nice.

Finally figured it out. Missed one crucial step at exporting. Temporarily moving the to be exported object to origin 0,0 since this would export the object possibly out of the artboard as I’ve figured out the objects are way far away from origin. Now everything works properly.

@pascal totally forgot about our macro solution as an Alias for Exporting As Illustrator file
! _Move _Pause _Pause W0,0,0 _SelLast _Export _Pause _Undo _SelNone

NoteToSelf - Always, always take notes!

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Hi Hannes - move the obects to the +XY grid quadrant , then export. Make sure to set a reasonable scale (AI does not like large extents as you are likely to see in a 3d file, it only knows about printing, so to speak) or use the Snapshot option.

AI Outlines All.zip (76.0 KB)


As you see in the screenshots, your macro would somewhat shift the outlines. could you tell why?
Was so nice and easy to use but have either rotate in Phoshop (as I directly open as first Layer in Photoshop) or manually ExportAs as usual. could you quickly have a look. (reduced the overall texture from 30k to 4k)
Earth Unfolded.zip (1.5 MB)

No idea off hand … I’ll test it- it might help to put a Zoom Selected in there before the Export


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