Exported File into Illustrator and new lines appear?

I exported my Rhino file into Adobe Illustrator, but when I transferred it to that program, I am seeing these really irritating perpendicular lines going across my shapes that look like they were in wireframe mode even when I placed the settings of the perspective on “rendered mode” and am struggling to remove by themselves since some of them are extremely close to each other and are creating thicknesses on thicknesses on Illustrator. What are they, how did they get there in the first place when I made them invisible on Rhino, and how do I remove them without damaging my actual lines?

Note: I tried the ClearAllMeshes command for my finished design, but not all of the unneeded lines disappeared or went invisible so that’s ruled out for now.

Could you show what you are seeing in Illustrator?
What file format did you use?
If you need a rendered mode view into Illustrator, why not use a print-screen screen shot of the viewport and put that in as a picture?

Hi Marisa - can you reproduce this problem? Can you post a simple Rhino file and the AI export result that shows the problem?