Problem with exporting to illustrator

When I choose a line work and click on File.Export selected nothing happens. I am trying to export my line work to illustrator, but I can not. What should I do?


It sounds like export isn’t working. Try rebooting. you could also try ‘Save as’.

Hello - nothing at all happens when you run Export with objects selected? Does he command line have any feedback or prompt?


Chances are the export worked perfectly. In Illustrator you can’t find or see the object because it’s either too big or off the illustrator working limits.

In Illustrator upon opening the exported file try select all (ctrl-a) - cut (ctrl-x) - and immediately paste (ctrl-v). This will place the cut objects in the center of Illustrator’s view.

To avoid issues like this, make sure what you are exporting is reasonably close to the 0,0 origin in Rhino. And that your export model scale is reasonable for illustrator to use.