Rhino doesn't save settings

Hi, as a title for example I edit the default units and the grid line count, when I relaunch rhino, it load the old settings; I also tryed by saving them via tools/toolbar layout, but I have the same issue, every time that I relaunch rhino, it doesn’t save/load the settings that I modified, but uses the default one
How can I get rid of this issue?

Default units and grid settings are stored in your template file. So, Open Rhino with your standard template - the one you like to use the most - then modify the settings as you want. Then from the File menu, hit “Save as Template” and re-save the file, overwriting the original. Then when you open a file using that template, you should always have your settings. Also make sure that the first time you open a new file with this template that you check “Use this template when Rhino starts”. You can also set the default template file in Options>Files.