How to make Rhino remember the adjusted options/settings?

I’m using evaluation version of Rhino5, and it seems the settings/options I adjusted is lost every time I start Rhino again, such as units and tolerance level.

I understand that the current setting can be saved as a template file for reuse purpose. But I wish Rhino can remember the changes and start with the previously used settings right away.

May I ask if this can be done, and how?


As you say, some settings / options are document settings whereas others are program settings. Document settings (such as units and tolerances) are saved in the document only. To reuse these, you have to make your custom template file.

Now, in Rhino Options > Files > Template Files > Default you can set which template file is used every time when you start Rhino.

Yes, @wim, specify the default template file as the one saved by myself with all the options adjusted is the solution. Now I don’t need to re-adjust units and tolerance level I used most often every time I start Rhino.

Thank you very much.