Settings not saving

Every time I open Rhino, I have to re-save the options>mesh settings to how I want them. The preferences never save?

Do you have multiple Rhino’s open at the same time?

The mesh settings are found under Document Properties.
Save a new file with the settings you want and use that as a template that is started each time you start Rhino.

Mesh settings are not options, they are document properties. If you want to use the same mesh settings all the time, open your usual template file, change the mesh settings to what you want, then re-save it. Every time you open a new document based on that template, your mesh settings will be there.

HTH, --Mitch

Hi All,

Thanks for the speedy replies.

It is that they are not saving in my default template .

So, if I open up Rhino (not with a file) then change the Mesh resolution settings ( Options > Mesh ), then close Rhino, on reopening again, the settings have returned to ‘jagged faster’

I think now I understand that these settings save per document, so for each file, if you change those settings, then save the file, thos settings will be maintained for the next time you open the document, but should one not be able to save this as a general preference? It seems very silly if you cannot.

Cheers, Andrew

Because they are not “preferences”, they are document settings. Set them in your usual template(s) and Rhino will always open new documents with these settings. Open a blank file based on the template you want, set the mesh settings as you want, then use File>Save As Template… and overwrite the original template file.


Perfect, thanks for the help!