Rhino doesn't open my files

I was working on my rhino files yesterday, and when I finished working it didn’t save properly and let in the folder of my rhino file a file with the same name as my file but ended with .3d_tmp instead of just .3d or a backup. Today I didn’t find the file that I was working on yesterday, so I decided to work on a previous version, but Rhino doesn’t open even the previous version. I tried to open this file in safe mode and save this file with a different name but it doesn’t open my file anyways. I create a completely new file with no information and I saved it in the same folder I couldn’t t open it anyways.

This image shows the file I try to open

This image shows what happens when I open it

But then just close the program and don’t open anything.

can you open a blank file then file>import your file instead of file>open the file?

it may be the render mesh that got hosed, and import will strip it out.

If you open a blank rhino file doe it load properly?