How to open .tmp file


Looks like a file I was working in yesterday did not save properly. However, the .tmp file is still here. I tried to open this file using Rhino - and I can see the preview image at the start screen - but Rhino says the file type is not supported. Is there any way to use this file to recover my work?

(Chris Kuether ) #2

Have you tried simply renaming the file to *.3dm? That’s what I’d do first…

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Jenya-
Did it appear to save? Was there a crash or anything abnormal during the save? Is there a corresponding Autosave file in the AutoSave folder (Options > Files will show you where that is). Is there a 3dmbak file in the original file’s folder?



Changing the file extension to .3dm worked!

(John Brock) #5

Something must have interrupted the Rhino save mechanism.
When editing a file, a TMP file is created for the session. When you save if it was an existing file, the old 3dmbak file is deleted, the 3dm file is renamed 3dmbak, and the tmp file is renamed 3dm. This way there is always a copy of the file on the disk.
The most likely scenario I can think of would be to close Rhino and quickly force a hibernation by closing the lid on a laptop while the file rename dance is underway.
If that sounds familiar, don’t do it.
Save your file and close Rhino.
Wait 30 seconds or so before closing the lid.
I personally go one step farther and close Window. The lid on my laptop does close until the screen is black.
The only exception to that is if I’ve only been using an Internet browser or email and don’t care if the session is saved or lost.