Unable to open file

Suddenly i cannot open an important rhino 5 file. Most of the time rhino crashes and sometimes rhino opens and aks for the name of the file to open in the command line. Wheni type this name and hit enter nothing happens. I cannot even close rhino anymore.
I did succeed, however, to open the file in Rhino 6 but since this a betabuild i would like to be able to acces the file in rhino 5 again. I saved it as a rhino 5 file from rhino 6 but even then i cannot open it.
Any ideas? Rhino 5 works fine for other files.

Kind regards, René

Hi Rene - does Rhino open the file if you start Rhino in Safe Mode? (Wondows start menu, type “Rhinoceros” and look for “Rhinoceros (64 bit) in Safe Mode”. Can you send us the file? (www.rhino3d.com/upload, to my attention)


Hi Pascal

i can open the file in safe mode. I will send the file to you allso.Thanks, René