Problems opening Files


My Rhino has been working well but after a computer crash it will not now open any files … help i am quite a novice!!


Can you give us a more detailed description of what you are doing and what is happening? You hit File>Open and what happens exactly? --Mitch


when i hit file / open, it takes me to my documents page, allows me to choose the file and then nothing at all happens, it used to show the surfaces etc importing but there is absolutely nothing at all

(Wim Dekeyser) #4

Does that happen with only that one file or with any file?
It sounds like that particular file was corrupted during the crash…


So this is all files, all file types? Sounds odd…

A few things to try:

I imagine that since you had a crash you restarted the machine? But maybe try another restart anyway…

Do you have the latest service release? If not, try installing that.

Can you start in SafeMode and try to open a .3dm file?

Can you save a file? Create a file with a box or something, save it, close the file, then try to re-open it…