Rhino does not open because a plug in error

rhino was working perfectly and all of the sudden it crashed and is not opening, this is what is showing up in the screen when i try to launch ,it stops there and it just close by itself

i already tried running as administrator,unistalling and restarting the computer,troubleshooting and nothing seems to work

You say the crash is because of a plugin but the screenshot doesn’t make it obvious what the cause of the failure is.

If you know which plugin, you can use Regedit to uninstall it.

Or, Rhino has a safe mode start.

Do you have any more information about what specifically happened when it crashed the first time? (or is there more info presented when it crashes now)

Hi @Luisenrique_Castillo,

As Nathan mentioned, you should try to run Rhino on Safe Mode. You will open Rhino without loading plugins.

To do so, search for Rhino 6 in Windows and click on Rhino 7 on Safe Mode, or right-click on the Windows icon in the corner of your desktop, click on Run, and then run the following line: C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\Rhino.exe\SafeMode

Once done, please send me the result of the _systeminfo command (privately or not, as you prefer) to check your installed plugins.


This looks like RhinoCycles GPU initialization is the problem. You might want to try first to reinstall your GPU drivers, doing a clean install. If that fails you can try disabling GPU support in RhinoCycles: Start Rhino in safe-mode (there should be a safe-mode icon already), after starting in safe mode you can manually load Rhino Cycles. After that you should be able to disable GPU using the command RhinoCyclesDisableGpu (it doesn’t autocomplete on the command-line).