Rhino does not display text -- quick help?

I just installed the trial version of rhino 6 on a different machine ( new install win 7; still downloading some windows updates)

It seems that Grasshopper doesn’t display any text elements in the Rhino viewport?

Any (fast :wink: )hints ? Thanks!
missing text.gh (6.3 KB)

Can you try the two Text Tag components as well? (2D and 3D)

I assume regular dimension objects in Rhino itself do show the text?

you are right- I actually didn’t try if it is a rhino problem and not a Grasshopper one. rhino dimensions don’t display aswell

2d/3d tag also doesn’t show up

Also x y z don’t appear in the viewoprt

wait – i had this before on a different machine. there is an advanced setting for the size of them… somewhere
edit: no it was a diffent problem: there where too small – this time there are entirely missing

maybe something with graphic card or driver?

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I am trying this right now … windows wont let me restart. Thanks for the suggestions!

i think my laptop is just too old. updating the diver didn’t help

I changed the category as it seems to be a Rhino wide problem.

After you get Windows fully updated and your display adapter updated, please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the details.

hey thanks for the help yesterday – the pc I tried to run Rhino was a macbook air from 2011 with bootcamp/win7. maybe a little optimistic - In the end I switched pc to “solve” the problem – It was just a quick test to use Grasshopper as a control-interface for a franka emika panda 7-dof robotik arm. :blush: