How can I show an integer in rhino viewport?

Hey, I´m an absolute beginner in Grasshopper and I want to know with which tool I can display the result of a of a measured length ( integer ) in Rhino viewport ?
Thanks for your support

Hi Martin, you can use the Line Dimension from the Display, Dimensions tab:

You can use Text Tag (works in screen space) and Text Tag 3D (works in model space): (3.2 KB)

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Hey, thanks for your help but why does it only display when it´s highlighted in GH ?

:wink: Martin

You might have toggled this button/feature:

2023-03-13 14_34_11-Grasshopper - 230313_Tags_00

Hey Anders, seems to be so ;-). I’m really happy with this - thanks a lot !! MJ

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Hey Martin, thanks a lot, it works like it should. Have a nice evening :wink: Martin

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