Rhino display low resolution?


Does anyone know why my display sometimes have bigger icons and thicker text or line?
You can see from the picture, the icons are in low resolution and when I put my cursor it goes back to original resolution.
Same with the line I draw on rhino. Everything looks very pixelated and sometimes it goes back to original one.

Please let me know why it’s happening!

Thank you.

It would help to know your system specifications - OS, graphics card make and model, date of the graphics card drivers, as well as the version/service release of the Rhino you are running… Most of the info can be found under Rhino Options>View>OpenGL as well as Help>About


Hi. Here’s the screenshot of my information. I updated my rhino few days ago so it must be the latest version. I don’t know why there are still big pixelated icons. (The model is fine now but it sometimes goes weird when I open the new rhino file)

It would be nice if you can help me!


Hi Kaylin -
If the problem occurs on opening a file or using any file dialog, then the fix is to put this command in your startup commands (Options > General page)


then restart Rhino. Does that sort it out?


Hi Pascal,
I tried to follow your instruction but it keeps doing the same thing.
It’s just weird that sometimes the resolution goes back to the original. (really random)


Hi @Kaylin_Park,

Does this help?


– Dale

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Thanks! It helped!!