Rhino 5 Picture Frame Low Resolution

I am using Rhino 5 on windows on a 3200x1800 dell
when trying to use a picture frame the result is always a low resolution picture even though the Rhino application looks high resolution and when opening the picture alone is also high resolution.
i have tweaked with the DPI settings but have no luck with this.
i cant upgrade to rhino 6 because it is required for me to use rhino 5 for the course i am in.
any ideas?
btw, my display driver is a Intel Iris Graphics 540

What’s the resolution of the image file?
I suspect it is way too high, so Rhino is sampling it back to deal with it.

I dont think it is above 1080p. all of the kids in my class can run it fine.

Please post the image. I have a Surface Pro 4 with an Iris 540 I can test it with.

i have even tried to lower my display resolution down to 1080 and then restarted my system but it came out just as blurry

Is that the original image file?

yes. that is the original image i am using for this assignment. but even my last couple assignments have had the same issues when trying to use as a picture frame in rhino. This is the first one though that i need see the fine details.
i have used rhino for 3 years now but had a year where i didnt need it so i dont know if this is a problem with a new update?

When I look at that image in a bitmap editor like Paint.NET, it’s already low resolution and fuzzy, like it was resampled to a low resolution, then expanded back up.

When i look at my classmates though, there picture frame is a lot more useable resolution then what mine is displaying. they can at least make out the text for the scale in the bottom right corner while mine is completely blurred out. It is at a lower resolution but is still legible.

Can you get a copy of the image from your classmate and send it please?
I think your copy has been mucked with.

Would there be any settings in properties in rhino or possibly on my laptop that could help this.
i have tinkered with just about everything. i originally had the problem with the text and icons being ridiculously small but fixed that but now i have this problem.

That’s a very low resolution file:

Just out of curiosity, why would it show up more clearly on one persons Rhino application compared to another.

You don’t seem to be seeing this.
The image you sent is 690x446, and only 33kb in size

The screenshot of the image shows it as 5100x3300, and 568kb in size.
I think what you have is just the thumbnail of the larger image.

That’s why I asked you to get the image from someone else.
I think the image the other person has is the higher resolution image you need.
You have a low resolution sample image taken of the much higher resolution screen.

@John_Brock I don’t want to confuse the issue, but I looked at Ethan’s post #11 and the image
downloads here at the higher res. I attach it here FWIW


Same here it’s 5100 x 3300, i think you can try settings => OpenGL=> Anti Aliasing = none or change "Use accelerated hardware mode. Sometimes Rhino can’t deal with some video cards.

After a good night’s sleep and plenty of coffee, I found the higher resolution image.
In V5 I used it with PictureFrame, embedded the image in the 3dm, and saved it.
It looks pretty sharp to me.

ForEthan.zip (471.2 KB)