Rhino Data Exchange on Win10/Win7


Can someone tell me if they tried installing Rhino on both OS’s of a dual-boot system Win10/Win7?

And can you work in Win7 and then restart the computer in Win10 and use that same data, then return to Win7 and keep working w/that data?

In other words, can yoiu swap back and forth between OS’s with the same Rhino and data?


Why would you do that? I mean…sure you could, the licensing would think of the installs as 2 different computers. And Rhino 8 does not support Win 7, it’s officially obsolete, and as such a security hazard to be anywhere near an Internet connection.

Hi Jim,
Thanx for your input.
I’m still using Rhino6.
But I installed Win10 just so I could run Rhino7, but can’t afford it yet.
So meanwhile, I want to do some testing to see which OS works best
That’s why I’m inquiring.
I also run other apps, such as Autodesk Inventor, and am not sure yet, but believe they are not backwards compatible far as the OS’s are concerned.
Maybe someone else in here can weigh-in on this for me and answer my question.

It doesn’t matter which works “best” Rhino needs to be on an up-to-date OS and Windows 7 support and updates have officially ended, so just having it connected to the Internet is a public safety hazard.

Hey Jim,
I tried to be nice to you and also polite in response to your first non-answer.
But now that you’re pushing the issue and not providing any constructive information, I’m going to tell you what I think:

  1. You’re not the boss of me.
  2. You’re not a ‘police officer’ for the Internet.
  3. You’re spreading political bullshyt fear mongering, and that don’t fly w/me.
  4. You’re making ASSumptoins that are false, so your conclusions are also false, and you’re beginning to look like an idiot.
  5. If you can’t answer my questions constructively, then I neither want nor need your opinions.

I told you it would 'work," however dumb an idea it is. Why would it possibly not work? What do you think, win 10 can’t read files made on an older OS?

Does anyone else in here have any experience using both OS’s with Rhino?
I’d appreciate not having to do the R&D on this (like everything else!).

Hi @cadman777

Here are the system requirements for Rhino 6:

and for Rhino 7:

Does this help?

– Dale

Rhino files are not Windows version dependent.
If the Windows version supports Rhino then it will work.

You will need some file location accessible from both “computers” when each one is running.
Copy the 3dm file locally, make your edits, and save a copy in the shared location.

This all seems like a lot of messing about to me but that’s your call.

Personally, Windows 7 worked pretty well.
Win 8 and 8.1 worked but were awkward to use.
Win 10 has been fine.
I can’t see trying to support an old, retired version of Windows but that up to you.

Thanx John.
I have a number of apps that won’t run on Win10.
So I’m stuck in the middle.

Thanx Dale.
Rhino6 runs fine on Win7 from day-1.

I did the test on a few app, and they all work bi-directionally on their datasets.