Rhino and Windows 11? Opinions?

I’m preparing to wipe my hardrive and reinstall my work software. Not decided on the Current Win 10, or Win 11. Any known problems with Rh 7 @ WIP and Win 11?

I’m not aware of any.
Maybe others can weigh in with their experiences.

If we find problems, we can and will fix them.

I understand that. Just wondering if there were any know problems right now. When I looked at this a few months ago there was something that made me reticent. Can’t remember what it was. However, all problems are a deal breakers.

I specifically picked up a new Windows 11 laptop for testing purposes.
There have been a few items sent to me purported to maybe be Windows 11 issues. To date, I have not been able to repeat any of them.

While the Win 11 laptop is not my main daily computer, it’s right here and I use it for regular testing and there have been no problems so far.

That said, I think most Rhino development is being done under Windows 10 and macOS Monterrey.

I’m developing Rhino on Windows 11 and testing there as well. It is working fine for me.

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We are all working in production with Windows 11, no new issues. Just the same ones we have with Windows 10 :crazy_face:


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Thanks guys. I’ll brave the change.

Crap. No win 11 drivers for aftermarket USB fingerprint readers which I use on all my machines. @#$#%^!

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Dear all,
It there someone experienced problems with Rhino 8 and Windows 11. In my case the Plane is not stable and is moving without any control.

Hi Santiago, Does turning off the autocplane help? This feature will be off by default in the next update.

There is no problem with the combination of Rhino V8 and Windows 11. There are of course problems inherent to both individually, but it is not to the combination of the two that is the cause.

Ahh, “support nightmare from people who are unaware of the new feature and are confused” has tipped the scales over “let’s make sure everyone knows about this cool new feature by having it active by default”.

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