Rhino 5 and Windows 10

Any thoughts on upgrading to Windows 10 and it’s impact on Rhino?


I don’t know of any changes in Win 10 that would cause a problem and Win 8.1 is working well. I mostly worked on Win 7 x64 until recently when a hard drive failure necessitated a new OS drive. I also just reserved my auto update/download from a Win 8.1 system yesterday, so I should get Win 10 when it’s released. I’ll be running v5 and the Rhino WIP on it as soon as possible. From the little I’ve read about 10, it sounds like more desktop organization and docking options will be added plus the Cortana assistant and a new browser.

Since you’re from McNeel, and presumably “in the loop”, I take it that this means no-one at McNeel has tried out V5 or V6 on any of the pre-release builds? What incredible faith! :smile:
Any reports from customers who have?

Here’s a related post where some users have tried 10

I’m not sure if anyone else internally has tried a pre-release build of 10. Sometimes @tim has used these in the past and might have tried 10.

Sorry, I have not tried it. Still running 8.1.


I did last week an upgrade from Win 8 to Win 10. I don’t run Rhino 5, but work on Rhino WIP. For the short week that I’ve used Win 10 as a dev machine with heavy rendering I can say I very much like Win 10. I liked Win 7. Disliked Win 8. Win 10 is a step in a very good direction.

My daily usage on the Win10 box is lots of code compiling and rendering -simultanously. I frequently even render with 3 render sessions on different rendering devices at the same time from the same scene: on CPU, CUDA (NVidia GeForce GT 420) and OpenCL (two R9 280x cards). Even with all these CPUs and GPUs maxed out Win 10 has been rock solid (as was Win 7, for that matter).

That said this is still a preview product, so your mileage may vary.


i also have rhino5 running on windows 10 newest current build 10074. i upgraded from 8.1. all works flawlessly. no problems.

I have set my system up as dual boot with windows 10 on one hard drive and windows 8.1 on my raid 0 drive which I clone daily. All works quite well though windows 10 has gone through a few unfortunate releases that caused minor problems. I only spend an hour a week or so on the windows 10 boot drive as it is not used for productive work. Cheers, Rob

So the next question is how is a Quadro card running on 10? Seemed like it took a very long time with Win 8 to get that right.

Can we expect improvements on the retina displays?

Is it possible to merge the two W10 discussions?

Make it pinned?

I finally did the upgrade and it was pretty much a non-issue once I beat my video card into submission!