Rhino 5 and or 6 on Windows 10

Has anyone yet tried upgrading their windows 7 system to windows 10 and run any rhino versions?

I’m interested in whether or not a re-install is necessary or whether everything runs as expected after the upgrade?

Rhino 5 runs great on 10 as far as I could tell from the testing I did.
(It should, Win 10 is basically a GUI makeover on top of Win 8)

I’ve set my system up as dual boot so that I might give Windows 10 and it’s fast upgrades. Looks like it could be a worthy successor to Windows 8.1 but school is not out yet. I can tell you that Rhino 5 runs fine on either of my boot systems with the primary system being Windows 8.1. No problems with drivers or any hardware issues; there are some development bugs that I’ve dealt with in W 10, but that’s to be expected at this point.

I’ve got W 10 on a 1 TB mech drive while W 8.1 is on a raird 0 system using two Samsung 256 GB ssd. I clone this system to another mechanical drive. When I care to experiment with W 10, I go inot the bios and boot from my Windows 10 mechanical drive.

Too much fun…cheers, Rob

Any clue as to the smoothness of an in-place upgrade from windows 7?
leaving existing applications intact.

I updated this week from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and all my applications seem to work. However I have experienced a very rough transition with Windows itself. Startup times are triple or quadruple that of Windows 8, if it starts up at all. It seems I can no longer use Hibernate, I either have to turn off the machine entirely or (possibly) use Sleep mode (haven’t tried that yet).

When it boots up, it will not always recognize USB peripherals that are plugged in to my secondary monitor.

I’ve had twice now that absolutely positively nothing works after a boot up. Can’t start apps, can’t start task manager, can’t access power settings. I can only open folders on my desktop and show the desktop context menu.

Although my problems appear to be rare, I’m not the only one having them and there appears to be no solution forthcoming as of Sep-17-2015. If you rely on your computer to make a living I highly recommend not upgrading until these bugs have been fixed.

Hi David,

Thanks for this forewarning, my fear for this type of issues is why I withheld the installation.
Did you run an “upgrade” or clean install? I was planning on a clean install to at least prevent issues caused by the attempt to port all apps and settings.

Thanks and best of luck getting things workable again :unamused:


I ran the default upgrade from 8.1

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I’ve been using Windows 10 as my primary OS for a couple of months and have had no problems with any applications what so ever. I don’t like the look of the taskbar and start menu, so downloaded a utility that give my taskbar total transparency which is very cool. I like a clean desktop such that only my background photo and the taskbar are visible. For now, with the taskbar transparent, only the icons are visible which makes a huge improvement over look and feel. Soon I will be purchasing a Skylake notebook or Surface 4 pro and look forward to using win 10 on the future device as well. Cheers, Rob