Rhino Dark Theme

I remember ever since Windows98 I was playing around with themes and used dark colors.

I do not know about Vista, I haven’t used it, my Dell XPS 1730 came with it and I uninstalled it right away.

In Win7 the explorer.exe had to be “hacked” in order to create good themes.

I’m really glad in Win10 more and more apps start to support the dark theme, hopefully Rhino will join them.

Sure! My monitor also has a separate key “game mode” which may be more than 150% brightness. It immediately burns up my pineal gland when enabled accidentally. The non-gamers may be in minority meanwhile…

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I also would like a dark theme.

We love wicked, evil darkness more than enlightenment. :scream: Don’t be surprised if other office workers call you Prince (or Princess) of Darkness.

Funny how your avatar speaks otherwise :slight_smile:




@stevebaer can Windows users get some love about this?

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Not really for now, sorry.

I don’t get it…
You say that the Tab backgrounds can’t be turned black because you are using Windows settings.
I set my Windows backgrounds to black, and the only thing that remains white is the darn Rhino tabs !

From time to time, some of those tabs also keep failing to display anything ; namely : the “Dots”, “Texts”, “User texts” tabs and dialogs.
I also never got any reply about those dynamic features I asked for, probably because of the crummy underlying tech.

How about making the interface both nicer AND less shitty ?

See if changing this helps:

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This is helpful. Since I still use dark characters, a value of
211 211 211
works well for me.

I’m not sure I’m too happy with the result…

Man calm down, its really time consuming and hard to overwork an Gui from Scratch. Obviously the McNeel team is prioritising other development. If you would start coding, you would know how difficult it is to implement a fully tested feature. The older a programm gets the harder it is to change those things properly. Especially if you support Multi-Platform. I for myself see this whole Dark Mode theme as low priority, eventhough I would definitly like to see a decoupling from the Windows Settings. Which is doable and should have been done from first minute on.


There should be a special part of this forum for all the people who are OK with mediocrity.
You would stay in that part of the forum, and I would stay right here.

The fact that, for no reason, I suddenly can’t edit text anymore is a good reason to be pissed about the interface, specially when the only solution is kill Rhino and re-open that 1.4 GB file I was working on.

A more modern interface could be a nice side-effect of having a bug-free interface ; that’s what I mean by “less shitty”.

But tell me, what’s that you think is more important than the interface ?
If it’s block management, I’d agree, but they’re not sweating too much on that either, are they ?
Solid editing … ? Not happening.
Proper interactive drafting ? Never.


Yeah but the McNeel Team said a couple of times that they are not doing it now. This doesn’t mean they are not doing it. It just says they don’t invest time for doing it now. And as developer they should be free to prioritize for themselves. Are they doing everything right, no. Are they prioritizing wrong, from our perspective rather yes. But people complaining are a minimum compared to they whole customers base.
And regarding the stability of Rhino -> it really depends on the use case. I have worked with Rhino 5 and 6 for more then 7 years, and I really had minimal issues with stability. I even consider it extremly stable. Maybe your use-case is very different, but this is just one use-case out of many.
I just get a bit angry if people declare something as shitty, while its really difficult to create and maintain something like a CAD platform. Thats why you just see such a few programms out there and its also why the pricetags are high.

I almost cried.

Papa smurf always says …

I really thought a while about your last two comments, but in the end I came to the conclusion that I wasted my time again… its that simple. And by that I don’t mean this last conversation but all the scripts I’ve written to help you out in the past. Because you are definitly one of those guys who always point to others on what they have done not so well, insulting them but never really self-reflect. This is absolutly inacceptable and is really a offence to anyone developing software. In the end you are the guy who’s incompetent at all. For 90% of all threads this forum mutated to a do-my-work platform. Most users are totally unwilling to learn anything at all, its absolutly nightmare and probaly highly reflects what the world is like in 2019. Merry Christmas


You know you can change the RGB values to whatever you like the best, right?.. I just showed you where to change them.

Users are Consumers now! They only consume! I see the same pattern - complaining “software can’t do this or that”, but in the end the user’s incompetents is to blame!

Hi Asterisk,

The link between the name given by windows and the areas it affects in Rhino is not easy to understand :
For example, I set Windows to a dark theme, and indeed the background of the explorer is dark with lighter tone text. That’s why I’m surprised that the tab backgrounds didn’t update accordingly.

Thanks to you, I know how to change that color.
I guess I’ll have to fiddle a while before I get something coherent.
To make matters worse, GH seems to use a different logic : for example : the tab backgrounds were not changed while the ones in Rhino were…

I guess that’s why some software propose a “Dark theme” : to save the user this type of hassle.