Idea theme dark

Rhino needs these themes , The dark model became a major theme. Are we going to see something like this in R7?


And there I was, reading “Idea theme park”, totally ready for reading about rollercoasters and waterslides :laughing:

But I agree, built-in dark theme would be awesome!

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…still waiting for it

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I also think that Rhino should ship with a dark theme option, as most of its contemporaries provide one for reduced eyestrain. If a new Rhino ships without such a theme, it may not look…contemporary.

Though, I like Rhino 3D’s bluish icons. I use the roughly same color in my commandline, for some years.

use the ColorScheme plugin, you can at least get a black theme.

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Thank you.
Does it work well, like, is it feature complete?

Hi -

No. This will be worked on before Rhino 8 ships.

Sigh. There’s a commercial dark theme. Now we have to worry about McNeel not including a dark them in V8 because one of vendors sells one. : (

works perfectly, rhino 7 and wip 8.
If you do not like the colors of individual texts or elements, you can change them in Rhino Options - Advanced.

Thank you, Wim Dekeyser and Inju.
I tried looking for the download. Do you have a link for the current version?

it is in the Package Manager list.

Thank you. This will be my first busride–err, time using the package manager.

Okay, apparently it adds extra color options, where they would normally be.

It seems that a some point, right-hand property layer etc. … pallet might need to have its own background brought out, too, because the menus cannot be darkened much–without changing the text legends to a lighter color–without making the text in those right-hand boxes unreadable.

Options - Advanced.