Rhino Dark Theme

Hi everybody

I’d like to know how I can get a dark rhino workspace like this.

The picture is from lmnarchitects (http://lmnts.lmnarchitects.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/transp1.jpg)
I asked them allready, but never got an answer.

This would also be a nice setting for Rhino 6. Sitting in front of a bright rhino all day long makes me tired.

Thanks in advance,


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Dont know if there is a theme but you can always set the colors yourself.
Go to Options>Appearance>Colors. (picture)

Window Colors etc should let you make it into a dark themed Rhino

Found this one

very nice.
Download the plugin
Drop and drag into Rhino
Choose your layout

Just see it is just rhinoscript:

To have that dark theme copy past this in your rhino:

_-Options _Appearance 

To go back to default:

!_-Options _Appearance 

Thanks, jordy, hat’s exactly what I was looking for.
And I also never realized that I could scroll down in the Colors settings.

€dit: Well , the Properties/Layers/Display Tabs still remain bright.

Hi Fred- yep, it is really not all wired together very well with all the dialogs either- I hope we can improve this in V6.


hi fred,
created myself this little toolbar to switch quickly between differnt background colors, depending on my mood (only background, grid and axes)
you can import the toolbar via the “toolbar” command and then chose import toolbars from the menu.

background.rui (15.1 KB)

Hi Pascal, I’ve been trying to change the colour of the Properties/Layers/Display Tabs recently. Can we add this to the V6 wishlist?

Any chance the method here https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/tweaks
can change the colour in V5, V6?


Hi Alasdair - the docking panel tabs follow ‘Window color 3’ in Options > Appearance >Color. Is that what you meant?


Hi Pascal,
it’s been a while since I last checked in V6 WiP but I found numerous things getting in the way when trying to create a proper dark interface. Here’s some of the things I still remember:

I found that quite a bunch of parameters are not accessible at all. One could for instance not make Panel Tabs dark and have them show readable, bright Text with a division of active and inactive Tabs. One also could not make the background of the Layer or Object Properties Editor dark and have fonts and dividers and all other graphics in an inverted, bright colour.

On the other hand it seems to me that various panels are wired different from others. Setting a particular colour parameter to a dark tone has no impact on the older Panel types but believe Box Edit and a few others were affected, so that one ended up with native Editor windows displayed in various colours… All in all quite a mess.

In V5:

The background colour of layers and properties can’t be changed from white in Options > Appearance >Color. I was hoping that the registry key might be able to adjust a hidden setting.


Not entirely sure what you mean with background color - like this:?

That color is set through Options > Appearance > Color > General > Window color 1

Hi Wim,
this might be a terminology issue.
I believe what Alasdair wants is something similar to this, that’s indeed not possible with current means.


Can any Rhino peeps chime in here; would is be possible to change?

Can it be changed in window themes?

Rhino uses a combination of regular Windows settings and its own settings. Some of the Rhino-specific settings appear to be hard coded.

In the following I have used a modified version of the “High Contrast Black” theme under [WinOS] > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization. That in addition to the colors that can be changed in Rhino.

As you can see, the background color of the tabs for layer and properties remains light as does some parts of the background of the properties box…

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I used the idea of wim and tried one of the “high contrast themes” of windows for the Rhino theme change.
The other changes were made by Rhino and changes in windows regestry.
It influenced succesfully the parts you aren’t able to change by Rhino, but now the problem that nobody wants to use the “high contrast themes” from windows only for another Rhino theme :smiley:

If it is possible to force a individual windows theme for only one application, this may be the solution :slight_smile:
I did not find a succesful solution yet, but maybe anyone has an idea how to fix this


In Rhino 6 all settings are exposed in the Options dialog box and one doesn’t have to dig into the registry anymore.

But yes, it would be good if the two missing settings were also controlled by Rhino: background and text color in tabs like Properties and Layer.

Just to make sure it’s on the pile: RH-37686

Judging by RH-29633 however, it sounds like this is a rather big job…


As soon as one invested time in that area one could throw the wish for monochromatic icons onto the pile as well. I can’t say that this here looks particularly slick either… :o)

Personally instead of wasting a lot of dev. time in this area I preferred some serious work (post V6) on an all new GUI, which also integrates the Grasshopper canvas (and Cyles + possible 3rd party nodes) in a more natural way. Proper skinning when thought of early in the process would then come for almost free.


Heres a plug in

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Please can you send it to me

this worked nicely! thanks!