[FEEDBACK] Rhino Dark Skin

I do not have time to make a dark skin (changing dll and fixing the desktop white problem) and I’m not going to make a dark skin template. But before prototyping is better to visualise the final result. Here is an example of how a Rhinoceros 7 can be (I invert and desaturate a Rhino5 screenshot in Photoshop).

Unity software is free but dark skin is a payment-optional that capture a lot of pay users. They pay just for the dark skin. I use both dark and light grey. In Rhino there are a lot UI of empty spaces. Unity fix very well that. I do not like distracting colours in icons. Is better to conserve the icon yellow colour that reference to selection. And grasshopper colour much Rhino. My workflow is Photoshop Rhino Blender Painter Unity and Rhino is the only one that is still light grey. Rhino starts looking like an advanced 90s tool and I like it how it is.

At the moment I prefer if Rhino put more effort into more useful mesh retopology options for exporting to Painter FBX game development rather than black skin.

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:thinking:, I,… I don’t understand the main topic. Are you offering your skin? But you say you don’t have time? Then something about Unity being free, but dark skin being paid-optional? Then something about Painter FBX game development?

NO. I just post a feedback asking Rhino developers to make a dark skin template. Since I’m a designer, I included an image as an example to help Rhino developers to make a decision.
English is not my first language. Sorry.

Here’s a bigger thread about that:

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that’s already such a thing:

(okay… not very helpful to the thread… it’s just that it’s not too often Mac users have features that Windows doesn’t… but in this case, Dark Mode is part of the OS and Rhino for Mac ties into it)


I prefer a dark UI, so I made one for myself using existing color options.

There’s only one thing that makes this imperfect: mouseover colors. The mouseover color for the gumball is black. My background is black. So when I mouseover, the part of the gumball I’m over disappears.

Off the top of my head I don’t remember other specific situations where this is an issue, but I’m pretty sure it’s happened.

All it needs in terms of a fix is to open up more user definable color options, for mouseovers and maybe some other stuff. Then we can make our own skins and they’ll be perfect.

Sceenshoot if is possible? Do you like it?

Here’s what my main window looks like.
Also, I use a plug in for color selection, and I filled up the 16 user presets with a collection of colors I found on a blog about data vis. They contrast with each other as much as possible.

The only downside with the black background is that the gumball handles disappear when I mouse over them, and sometimes people send me files with a bunch of black layers and I have to change the colors, but that’s not really a big deal.

I find this easier on the eyes. Green as a selection color is also more mellow. Oh, and I use a mild sea green for surface backfaces.

And here’s the color pane in my options window.

I think you can get pretty close with just normal Rhino settings:


Yes, but I ran into problems with the full black window frame because there are a number of tools that have black lines as important parts of their icons.

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That’s true. Maybe it’s less of an issue for me as I normally work in Grasshopper and in Rhino usually just type the commands. I also set a slight gradient for the toolbar, so you can still see black icons pretty well (also depends a lot on the contrast and colour space of your monitor).

I agree though that the icons and indeed the whole UI could do with an overhaul - including a proper dark mode.

I rarely use any command icons except on my middle mouse button menu. That combined custom key commands is super fast compared to anything else I’ve tried.

The UI is super customizable. I don’t see much need for any overhaul except for more options to customize.

Yes, I try that (2010) but the white is disturbing and changing window .dll is not nice or simple. Also, icons have a black border that reduces the visible shape (black in icon must be inverted to something else for better dark UI). Now ten yrs later more and more soft are using dark skin as default. Isaac Asimov used to say in one of his books that society oscillates between black transparent and white as an eternal cycle. After 20yr using Rhino I think is better if Rhine provides this 3 templates options in the UI skin.

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I very much share the sentiments of the original poster regarding a UI overhaul of the Windows version!

Here’s the Mac screenshot that jeff_hammond posted, with inverted brightness (I don’t like the dark scheme so much).
If we (more or less) had this look on Windows, I for my part would be happy.

Yes, I’m just talking about the superficial ‘fluff’ part of the UI here (not workflows!) - which is important nonetheless!

Every line of windows decoration drawn too much is useless optical clutter which should be removed in favor of something really calm and pleasing to the eye.
There’s still some of that in the windows version. Not much actually. Double border lines, but mostly the lines indicating Tabs - the Mac screenshot shows that it also works perfectly without.

Would it be a big deal to remove this stuff? (Just changing colors does not cut it.)

We love dark mode


I tried to follow the dark path, but it was all pain and misery.
The Rhino interface is based on a patchwork of various UI frameworks, which makes it incredibly difficult to customize.
I think that the first step would be for them to agree on using a single tech , get it to work properly (which isn’t the case : blank dialogs, UI re-shuffling when changing screens, etc…) and THEN it would be easy for anyone to get creative and share skins.

I managed to make it work fine for me. It was mostly a matter of figuring out how to change preview and highlight colors that default to dark grey or black. There are settings for all of them, they just aren’t all in the same options tab.

The only thing that I’ve run into that still previews in black and that I can’t figure out how to change is _Append in the Rhino 7 WIP.

A lot of files come to me with black as a prominently used color, too. NBD, I turn them white.

McNeel, just provide dark skins or make rhino dark by default, it’s better for your users’ eyes!

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Rhino7 custom Ui

Rhino 8 custom UI is much better for Oled tv